Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Day-to-Night Party at Nineteen Twenty Five Set to Shake up the City This Weekend

Cairo's only speakeasy is giving you a completely valid excuse to get buzzed before sunset as you sway to the beats of Fayek, Shady Ezz, and A-Squared.

Staff Writer

If God was an artist, sunsets on the Nile would be His masterpiece – though we're not sure how He'd feel about us appreciating his masterpieces with a drink in hand. Applying a healthy disregard for the hypothetical, Nineteen Twenty Five is flinging its doors open by the Nile to treat you to a Cairo-circa-1925 Sundown, giving you a perfectly valid excuse to get buzzed during the day.

You read that right; this Friday, from the hours of 2 to 11 PM, you can get away with anything – except for, like, murder and crime in general, and you can’t commit felonies. We suggest you take advantage of the hall pass by losing yourself to the beats as Fayek, Shady Ezz, and DJ duo A-Squared take turns to spin the decks and take in the sunset on that gorgeous terrace with a cocktail in hand!

This Friday, drop the kids off at your mother’s without the slightest pang of guilt and hurry to Nineteen Twenty Five for an afternoon of euphoric music. Just remember to pick them up afterwards.     

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