Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Dazzling Dishes

With everyone opening ‘concept’ restaurants left, right and centre, it’s a breath of fresh air whenever we come across a place that serves up great food with no gimmicks. Dishes serves up anew branch in Zamalek...

Staff Writer

One such place is Dishes in Maadi, which has made its name for putting out fresh and flavorsome dishes, creative juice cocktails and smooth shishas. The only problem is our office is in Giza (reppin’ Cairo’s Westside 4 Life) and Maadi feels light-years away. Just when we thought all hope was lost, a little invitation popped up in our inbox and it turns out we’re invited to a private tasting at Dishes…wait for it…ZAMALEK!

If you’ve driven around Zamalek recently, you might have noticed the massive villa opposite El Gezirah Club with that flirty Dishes logo on it. Yes, a whole villa. So not only does Dishes stand apart for its straightforward approach to food, but it’s also unique among the many new Zamalek spots for not being tiny, stuffy and squished into a basement.

In fact, Dishes’ Zamalek villa comes complete with a lush, sprawling garden too, which will be our favourite hangout come summertime. Follow @CairoScene on Wednesday 13 th February for live Tweets from the private dinner. In the meantime, like Dishes’ Facebook page here.