Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Death by Weed

A 74-year-old British pensioner is sentenced to death by Egyptian courts for attempting to smuggle weed into the country...

Staff Writer

As we all know, here in Egypt you can kidnap soldiers, kill protestors, or assassinate Anwar Sadat and you will be let free by Morsi. But apparently, if you’re old, English and smuggle weed, you will get the death sentence and a 70 million L.E fine.

74-year-old British sailor and Oxford graduate, Charles Raymond Ferndale, has been sentenced to death, accused of being part of an ‘international gang’ when he and four other men were arrested trying to bring three tons of (much-needed, if we do say so ourselves) cannabis into Egypt on a boat at Marsa Alam. The UK Foreign Office has said it would do its best to prevent the execution. While a crime is a crime, whatever nationality the convicted may be, it is a rather absurd sentence considering how many Egyptian drug dealers slip under the radar. Ferndale has since claimed that he had been framed.