Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Delight Egypt Are Making Kahk Affordable Again

You've got Delight Egypt to thank for eating Kahk to your heart's content without burning a hole through your pocket.

Staff Writer

Of the many perks we get to indulge in for Eid, Kahk is by far our favorite. The problem is, with the prices of everything constantly increasing, sometimes we're not quite sure if we'll be getting our required dose of Kahk. Add to that, the knowledge that when Eid comes around so do all the parties and lavish outings that we believe are a our well-deserved treats for having restrained ourselves for a whole month. That hole in the pocket is burning deeper already just thinking of all of our expenditures. The good news this Eid though, is while we'll still be spending quite a bit on our partying habits, Kahk will be one less thing we have to worry about all thanks to the good people over at Delight Egypt.

The dessert connoisseurs - who are all about innovations on Egyptian traditional sweets - are offering us quite a few inventive kahk concoctions which we get to munch on without burning a hole in our pockets. Sticking to same prices as last year, Delight Egypt has several flavors including agamia, agamia walnuts, malban loz, pistachio and caramelised pecan.

As if that wasn't enough incentive to overload on the sugary delights; they also deliver! 

To order for delivery in Cairo or Alexandria, call them on 16469.

Check out Delight Egypt on Facebook.