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Egypt: What's Not Being Said

Denmark Puts up Cairo Wall

A new multimedia exhibit has gone up in Denmark, and will be highlighting Cairo's history.

Starting August 30th, the Museum of Copenhagen will be displaying an outdoor multimedia installation called the Wall. It's aim is to create a visual journey through Cairo's history.

The 12 by two metre wall of four plasma screens in Copenhagen will display images that depict Cairo's customs and people. It is an interactive display that will allow the audience to login and upload their own photos, involving them in the story-telling process.

The installation, named Sanduq el-Duia, portrays a series of important moments in the history of Cairo. Highlights include the 1919 resistance to British rule, the ongoing struggle for women’s rights, the January 25th revolution, among dozens of other pivotal moments.

There are still no signs of them marking when Egypt hated Denmark for their prophet comics, and banned their cheese, but who knows? With an interactive set-up maybe someone will log in and add it.