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Desperados Are Raiding Cairo's House Parties!

Look out for what is probably the best beer ever as they hit up the biggest parties in the city.

Listen up, party people of Cairo! Just when you thought house parties around here could get any more unpredictable, we have it on good authority that the outlaws at Desperados are preparing raids on some of the hottest house parties of the next few months. 

Probably the only time you'll ever be excited about a party being 'raided' – the only tequila-flavoured beer in Egypt will be showing up at random shindigs throughout the city with some insane surprises for party-goers. 

Combining Cairo's best DJs with their own trademark stylings, Desperados are remixing the rules more than they ever have before. Keep up on Desperados' fan page and right here at CairoScene for exclusive looks at where these bandits have invaded. 

Will you catch them at the next party?

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