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Did Amr Waked Just Seal His Role in 'Lucy 2'?

The Internet's abuzz - could the Egyptian star be the only actor to secure and announce his role in the upcoming film, Lucy 2, which is now in development?

IMDB is basically the Holy Grail of all things film and culture, so when IMDB says something, it must be true – right? So when we came across this picture right here on Screen Mix, we busted our asses over to IMDB to verify the information. Could it be?

It looks like not only has Amr Waked secured his role as Pierre Del Rio in the upcoming Lucy 2 film, but he's also the only actor confirmed thus far on IMDB. This man is killin' it! The Egyptian star is continuing on his route to international superstardom, doing so alongside stars like Scarlett Johansson in the 2014 film Lucy, where he actually got a chance to kiss the Hollywood bombshell. We're all admittedly a little jealous of Waked for far too many obvious reasons, but we're also super proud of the Egyptian actor for working hard to get to where he is now.  

No release date has been determined for Lucy 2 as of yet, but we'll be waiting.