Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Different Species of Birds Rest on Red Sea Beaches Due to Lack of Human Disturbance

With the lack of tourism and marine activity amidst stringent COVID-19 precautions, many species of birds now rest on Red Sea beaches during their journeys migrating south.

Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has put an unprecedented strain on all facets of life, but it has also, in many ways, created a temporary refuge for animals, as the tainted hand of man stays well in its sanitiser-smelling pocket.

An example of this is the different types of birds that have been recently spotted on the – now empty – Red Sea beaches where they rest on their way to South from Europe. The species include storks, pelicans, eagles and hawks. 

“Many species of birds live by the Red Sea and others are migratory. The Red Sea is one of the important resting points for bird migration between continents – in the spring and autumn – from Africa to Europe and vice versa,” environmental researcher, Dr. Ahmed Ghallab, revealed.

In terms of the birds’ futures, Dr. Ghallab revealed that the Ministry of Environment is working on securing and protecting the path of migratory birds by avoiding establishing major barriers in their path such as large power stations.