Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Discotecture's New Architecture

Tamarai and Electrum Records take their scintillating series of parties to the Nile, taking over the infamous Temple starting this week...

Staff Writer

The collaboration between Tamarai and Electrum records, 'Discotecture' is switching ship to the Temple Pharaoh Boat on Corniche Giza. Following on from some banging sets that included the likes of Kant, Animal Trainer and a host of local spinners, the new venue is set to take things up a notch with more space and more of an electric atmosphere that we've become addicted to since Nacelle started taking it over.

They'll be be re-arranging the Nile side venue as well with a new set up that will apparently blow your mind! The first Discotecture at The Temple will take place this coming Thursday featuring local favourite Aly Goede and Swedish House maestro Tiger Stripes flying into the motherland to spin behind those now infamous Temple decks! 

You can reserve for Discotecture here or call 01200642285.