Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Reinventing the clubbing experience with customised tables, a limo service, downloadable sets and more to make your night smoother and more memorable, Tamarai teams up with Electrum Records for a massive series of parties. Get the exclusive here...

Staff Writer

We've all been to Tamarai (though thanks to one too many cocktails you may or may not clearly remember your nights there). We've all been to the Student DJ parties hosted by Electrum Records. We’ve all had a jolly good time getting a little wasted, taking in the explosive beats, dancing till we take our heels off and have to carry them around…you know the drill. So what happens when these two powerhouses get together? Sheer musically magical mayhem (triple word alliteration guys; that's how good it’s gonna be).

Cairo's go-to spot for delicious debauchery, Tamarai, is teaming up with the city's musical phenomenon, Electrum Records, for a series of seriously epic Discotecture nights. For all you literary buffs here's an interesting tidbit: the word “Tecture” means “he who makes,” originally derived from Greek τέκτων meaning builder, carpenter or mason.

We’ve spent many a day complaining about the clubbing scene in Cairo – or lack thereof – and these two party mavens heard our desperate pleas and are revamping the party scene in Cairo for your hedonistic pleasure. Between April 3rd and June 5th, they'll be holding weekly parties every Thursday at Tamarai (finally, someone has reclaimed the infamous Thursday night khorooga!) where the entire party process and experience has gotten a wicked makeover. Each night will feature both a local DJ and an international act, with a lineup that boasts some of the world's biggest and baddest deckmasters, including Raxon and Tiger Stripes. But the cool thing is that the events will focus on elevating your party experience; basically, they're making everything better. Project Director Marc Wahba says of the party initiative: "The idea is quite simple. We're not reinventing the wheel or anything; we're just trying to make the average party night go smoother so we've incorporated a number of elements to make it a better experience". The music is better, the sound system is louder, the booking is easier, the epic sets you rave to during the night are downloadable, there's a limo service, you can customise your damn table if you want to! Jeez, where do we sign up?

To book for the night, you just head on over to their specially designed web page, known as The Pager, and from that point on, you have access to everything. You have full access to the floor plan on the site, so you can select where exactly you want to sit - kind of like the cinema, but way better (and so you don’t get dumped with that table way back in the farthest corner of the place). You can get your bouchon situation all ready and settled beforehand, via the site. And our personal fave really, is that with their special concierge service, you can customise your table. This effectively means you can get anything you want on that table. Food, drinks, champagne, and whatever other setup you want. AND WE QUOTE: "If you want us to get you a monkey on your table, we'll get you a monkey," says Wahba with a laugh. "You'll pay for it, but we'll bring it!" All you have to do is pre-order what you want, and they'll take care of the rest. 

There will also be a limo service available, so all your I-don’t-wanna-drive-drunk-and-crash-my-car issues are sorted. Though in all seriousness, this country faces a severe drinking and driving problem and a limo service is definitely a good idea that'll help remedy that a bit. Also, all the events will be live streamed so if you can't make it to one night, fear not, you can live vicariously through the live video! And you can download the whole DJ set for the night for free! Whoop whoop! Fueling the event to make sure we're all tipsy and happy will be Heineken and Absolute, and also Vans to add some fashionable foot-loose moves to the proceedings.

We've all born witness to Tamarai's wild nights, and Electrum Records have proven their musical prowess with their awesome series of Student DJ nights, where they selected a bunch of kick-ass DJs that made us dance till dawn (remember Tube & Berger?). So we know this collaboration is gonna be good. According to Wahba they are creating "the true essence of a party – all the elements will be enhanced to make it better. Even the little things." First party is on April 3rd so…get booking! Oh and one of the parties will be in Gouna over Easter!

Full list of international acts below

April 3rd – Coyu

April 10th – Kant

April 20th (Gouna) – TBA

April 24th – Raxon

May 1st – Animal Trainer

May 8th – Tiger Stripes

May 15th – Kruse and Nuremberg

May 22nd – Dashdot

May 29th – Robbie Akbal

June 5th – Monte