Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Diwan Creates Ingenious App

We just love wonderful apps. We also love our smart phones, convenience, and books. Diwan-e combines all our passions all in a click.

Staff Writer

Guess what the most awesome app ever to be launching in Egypt on the 18th of October is? Well you probably guessed from the title, but you still have no idea how super cool this app is. Think of it in this way: you are reliant on your smart phone, you may have a tablet, and definitely own a laptop, but you don’t have a Kindle. You probably want one, but are frazzled by the idea of owning too many gadgets adding to the bulk of your movement rather than alleviating it as was the idea behind them to begin with. Besides, Kindle is not yet up to date with Arabic books.

So our favourite local bookstore creates a simple yet ingenious app; Diwan-e. It has over 2200 titles to begin with, while new ones will continuously be added, covering fiction and non-fiction alike. Only 100 of these titles are in English, all of which are AUC Press publications. Apart from the fact that you buy the books for at least 25% less than you would pay for the hard copy, there are also 150 titles for free.

As if this is not cool enough, the app is super user friendly. You can highlight anything you want, share sentences or entire paragraphs on social media, and even write notes. You don’t need to worry about the brightness of the screen and your ability to read because you can control how bright you want it to be and the font size that suits you. Then of course there is that ‘wish list’ that we all love because it somehow gives us hope of a more interesting future with plans and discoveries to be made regarding the never ending wonderful world of books.

The app works on iOS, Android, and Windows for smart phones, and is free to download. You can pay for books by credit card or prepaid cards.

Check out the links for more information on this app that we will be downloading as soon as it launches!



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