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Donkey Avoids Rape, Kills Attacker

A Saudi man was found dead and pants-less next to a donkey which he allegedly tried to rape.

Another day, another Arab doing something super weird. The only real twist is this time he gets exactly what he deserves.

According to multiple sources, a Saudi Sheikh has died attempting to rape a donkey. Refusing to be a victim, the donkey took matters into his own hooves, swiftly kicking the man in the face, and three times to the chest when approached by the man.

The police arrived to the barren desert crime scene to find the dead man, a donkey, and an SUV. Sounds like the start of a good joke with a deadly punchline.

We can only assume that the police didn't waste much time connecting the dots especially when they found the man's pants in his SUV. It is still unclear if this story is true, as the man's name has not been released, and the police seem to be tight-lipped, but we kind of hope it is.