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Drive Safe with Haifa

The infamous Haifa Wehbe has been appointed to encourage Lebanese drivers to be safe on the roads...

Haifa Wehbe is coming to the rescue of innocent victims of Crackberry car crashes across Lebanon after being appointed as the Lebanese Communications Ambassador for Humanitarian Issues last Friday.

Famous for giving Arab men everywhere strange feelings in their pants, this campaign is aimed at spreading awareness on the dangers of texting whilst driving, which is a shame because sometimes we crash on purpose so we can pretend the airbags are Haifa Wehbe's breasts. Rather ironically, the campaign will be plugged through social media networks so let's just hope you don't crash the car while retweeting their tweets.

In all seriousness though, more than 5,000 road accidents were recorded in Lebanon in the first five months of 2013 and this is a great cause for pop star to support. Unfortunately, 4000 of those accidents were caused by day dreaming on the wheel with Haifa's seductive voice blaring through car radios. About time she gave back.