Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Drunk Egyptian Slaps Stewardess

An unnamed Egyptian marine officer has been sentenced to a year in prison by a Dubai criminal court.

Staff Writer

We all know alcohol and high testosterone levels don’t mix. But how about alcohol and high testosterone levels on a plane? Apparently, they don’t mix either, well at least for this particular Egyptian.

An Egyptian marine officer, whose name has not been released but will be named as Drunkie for this article, took being a drunken idiot to another level by slapping a FlyDubai stewardess. About 15 minutes after the plane took off from Dubai International Airport, heading to Alexandria International Airport, Drunkie decided to ask the Moroccan stewardess for ice claiming it was for alcohol he had brought on board.

The Moroccan stewardess kindly informed him that he couldn’t drink it because it was from the duty free. Drunkie didn’t seem to like that very much. He proceeded to make a scene, cursing at everyone as well as insult them to no end, claiming everyone was “beneath his shoes.”

Having enough of his behaviour, the stewardess informed the captain of the situation and asked him to try and calm Drunkie down and stop him from continuing to drink. Naturally, that just added fuel to the fire.

After ignoring the captain’s plea and insulting the stewardess again, he proceeded to go to the bathroom by pushing everyone out his way. After coming out he decided to give the stewardess something she’d remember for the rest of her life: a big slap on the face.

After all this commotion Drunkie was eventually detained after landing and sentenced to one year of jail in Dubai. Way to go buddy.