Thursday March 30th, 2023
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EDL: Legoland for Whites Only

A British fascist group forced Legoland in Windsor, UK, to cancel a private family fun day organised by a Muslim non-profit, after threatening the theme park, its employees and attendees...

Staff Writer

Far right thugs have forced theme park owners to shut down a kids' theme park in Britain after a Muslim community group organised a family day out there. Fascist yobs from the extremist English Defence League (EDL) threatened to attack staff at Legloand in the quaint town of Windsor after the Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) - an Islamic community organisation - planned an event there.

Often referred to as Neo-Nazis, members of EDL took to social networking sites and posted pictures of Asian staff members at the park, threatening to attack the park's visitors - including hundreds of young children- if the private event was given the go-ahead.

A Legoland statement said: “Sadly, a private event due to take place on Sunday has had to be cancelled due to threats from right-wing groups made against the resort. The whole resort, including the hotel, will be closed for the weekend. We wholeheartedly understand families' disappointment that they will be unable to attend and appreciate that due to the dynamic nature of this situation we haven't been able to give them more notification.”

The English Defence League claim to fight Islamic extremism however, anybody with a braincell count in double figures can see that their so-called fight is in fact against Muslims as a whole regardless of their political beliefs.

It must also be remembered that the so-called EDL was in fact born out of the same groups who during the 1980s and 1990s attacked Irish immigrants to Britain and also previously attacked Afro-Carribean arrivals based on the colour of their skin.

A spokesperson for MRDF said: “They terrorised staff at Legoland, staff at MRDF and aimed to terrorise children and families on the day of the event.” He added: “Several articles in the national press helped fuel further hatred and resentment.” The event - open to both Muslims and non-Muslims - was expected to house up to 9000 people.

Here at CairoScene we can't help but wonder what exactly the bright minds of the so-called Engish Defence League thought might happen if Muslims were allowed to host a children's party.

However - as is often the case with these groups - we're pretty sure they didn't actually care.