Friday February 23rd, 2024
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EGP 5 Billion Allocated to Develop North Sinai

The national treasury is set to fund 80% of the cost to make the governorate inhabitable for 8 million civilians before 2050.

Cairo Scene

The Egyptian government has allocated EGP 5 billion for their 2023/2024 plan to develop the governorate of North Sinai, with the aim of making it inhabitable for 8 million civilians before 2050. The national treasury will be funding 80% of the investment, which translates into EGP 4 billion.

Most of the funding - 28% - will be directed towards the agriculture and land reclamation sectors. The construction sector will receive 22.6% of the funding, while the services sector will get 12.8%. Lastly, the education, sanitation and water sector will receive 8.1%, 7.9% and 7.6% of the funding respectively.

The government is also focusing on countering terrorism in parallel with the development plan in North Sinai.