Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Easter Essentials

If you thought the holidays were about family, friends and good deeds, byGanz insist you think again...

Staff Writer

In Egypt, it seems every holiday from Valentine’s to Christmas, are not times for giving or for loving or for family dinners but for partying, boozing and hooking up. That being said, screw the chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. What better way to indulge in Egypt’s anti-vacations than with the masters of partying, byGanz Events? They’re throwing a full-blown beach bonanza bringing in the flair and fantasy of their shindigs from recent months to the beach in Marassai, North Coast.

On the first day, Ganz said: “Let there be Tea!”

The sun will already be shining brightly, and everyone will have their formet el Sahel bodies dancing late into the darkness with two massive international DJs:  Beatport chart-topper Pirupa hailing from Italy and, from London, Stef Manni who’s DJ’d at almost every big nightclub in the world. Ladies and gentleman, say hello to TeaDance by the Sea.

On the second day, Ganz said: “Let there be Toys!”

Toyboys & Friends are soaking up the sun with DJ Abou Samra. Yes, that means listening to Deep House without the paranoia that comes with being in an enclosed space. You can etkhebet in peace in the middle of the sea if you want.

On the third day, Ganz said: “Detox!”

HA! As if – this party is sponsored by Heineken, so it’ll be far from detoxing as we know it. Aly B and Aly Goede will be wrapping up the magical three days of madness with a unbeatable combination of Tech and Deep House tunes.

Before you think it might be a bit early for Sahel season, fret not. We assure you (Ganz told us himself) that the weather will be perfect and don’t worry: your swimming trunk pockets won’t be empty. They’ve got some great packages available for a four-night stay at the superb Al Alamein Hotel where the parties will take place:

Main building (hotel): 

- Per person in double room: L.E. 2500

- Per person in a single room:  L.E. 4000


- Type A: L.E. 20,000 for a maximum of 8 persons.

- Type B: Al Alamein Villas (only two available): L.E.18,000 for maximum of 6 persons.

The package prices include four nights on bed and breakfast basis and passes to all three parties. Bouchon is 100 LE. Tables at the parties are first come, first serve. There is no minimum spend of the table, you pay for what you order… So let it be written. So shall it be done.

For reservations call: 01000775540 or 01000001102