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Easy Taxi

A new mobile app is making getting a taxi in Cairo a breeze...

Once again, an Egyptian company is trying to revolutionise the way we get around on the roads. Easy Taxi is an international taxi booking mobile application that has just received a LE200 million investment from German incubators Rocket Internet (the same backer behind Jumia) and the European telecoms operator Millicom. Having already kicked off their operations last month, the new app certainly caught our eyes, promising an easier commute, at the flick of a touchscreen.

The free application allows you to book a taxi from wherever you are, without needing to stand dangerously at the side of the road or begging the driver to take you where you need to go. But the most ingenious part of it, and why it's much more needed in a country like Egypt, is that it solves the "aywa, aywa khamas da2aye2" conundrum that plagues our city's drivers. With the app, after you book your taxi, you can then track where the vehicle is in real time, through GPS. “Cairo is the most populated capital in the region, making transportation one of the pressing issues in the country, and hence any solutions offering more convenience to certain segments of the public will be welcomed and quickly adopted”, manager of Easy Taxi Egypt told Arab Finance. Let's hope the service sticks around without us making us do the same.

Easy Taxi is available on iPhone and Android. Find out more on their fan page here.