Friday May 24th, 2024
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Eat & Barrel: Ready to Roll

Flinging open its deliciously rustic doors this weekend, Eat & Barrel takes Nile-side dining and cocktails up a notch. We get the first look...

Staff Writer

Eat & Barrel: Ready to Roll

Imagine rustic cool intermingled with bohemian charm, inject a tiny dose of industrial, and you’ve come close to capturing the vibe of the latest lounge-cum-bar-cum-restaurant-cum-all-around-cool-place set to hit the city. Eat & Barrel, comfortable floating atop the roof of the Sunset Boat on Cornich El Giza (right next to Nile Pharaohs, aka Nacelle – now you know what we’re talking about right?), is an airy, sprawling venue that evokes chillaxed hipster-sailor kind of vibes, with stripped down wood everywhere, oversized barrels sprawled across the deck and coloured glass bottles casually strung from the ceiling with rope. It’s all very abandoned ancient sailing ship made LA chic. Like, FETCH ME MY RUM YOU SAUCY WENCH! Except the rum will not be served in a recycled old bottle; it’s a carefully selected beautiful blue glass bottle that was then artfully arranged with other carefully select beautiful bottles to look quaint.

Anyway, we’re betting this new spot is going to be the talk of the town very shortly. The space is huge, taking up the entire deck of the boat so you can choose between sinking into plush white couches (encased in sanded-cool-hipster-wood frames of course) for a more dinner-ish night, or high tables where both the table and the chairs emulate giant wine barrels for when you’re straight up ready to get your drink on. They’ve got a load of creative cocktails lined up, plus some seriously delectable looking dishes, with everything from gourmet appetisers, to cheese platters complete with grapes, to good ol’ down-home burgers. Plus you’re got that perfect Nile view.


Eat & Barrel is set to open this Friday at 6 PM. We’ll be there. With like, our swashbuckling pirate costumes. Just kidding. But we will be there, ready to see what this gorgeous new place has in store for us!

To find out more, head to Eat & Barrel’s Facebook page here.