Monday June 24th, 2024
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Eat Dinner with Strangers

The Virtual Dinner Guest Project brings together dinner parties from across the world, connecting them via web cam, and encouraging the exploration of each other's cultures over food. Find out how you can join in Cairo...

Staff Writer

Eat Dinner with Strangers

Are you fed up of eating dinner with snarky family members or bedan flatmates? Or worse - alone, with only Turkish dubbed soap operas to keep you company? Why not go and eat dinner with people from the other side of the world instead? The Virtual Dinner Guest Project is a meet-and-eat held in locations across Cairo which brings together a group of five to seven people for a dinner party - with a twist. The group will be joined by another group having a similar getogether, in a different country.

The aim is to initiate conversation between the two groups before each group gets the opportunity to ask their counterparts one question about their culture. The groups then have a set period to film documentary clip (including full training), detailing the answer. Eric Maddocks, the man behind the scheme believe it provides an excellent opportunity for participants to find out more about other cultures, "the project started in Beirut and I've taken it with me wherever I've lived. It has been such an interesting experience for everybody and it really helps people to connect with other cultures. We try to choose a wide selection of people in order to give others a chance to view as wide a variety of Egyptian culture as possible."

The group's next event is set to take place on March 20th.

For more information of to donate money to the cause please visit