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Eat to the Beat

With four DJing acts playing back-to-back, an awesome hearty menu to dig into and lots and lots of drinks, Eat and Barrel is the place to be this Friday.

In the best news we’ve heard all morning, two mornings from now, instead of sitting behind a desk contemplating whether the best way to commit suicide would be to smash your own face in with your keyboard or to puncture your eyeballs with your pen and bleed to death – INSTEAD OF THAT – you could be enjoying some booze and burgers by the Nile. And the cool breeze will be making your hair look like a windswept Gisele Bundchen and you’ll be wearing your aviator sunglasses like a fucking fabulous model and sipping on a wine spritzer. And then that wine spritzer will turn into 55 wine spritzers. And maybe you’ll nibble on a caprese salad and pretend like you’re on the Italian Riviera. Or the French Riviera, whatever. Why? Because this Friday, Eat & Barrel will be getting musical and boozy, hosting a daytime bash atop their chillaxed deck with four of the city’s coolest DJing acts.

Their Eat To The Beat event will see Gawdat, A-Squared, Nourre Fahmy, and Amr El Banna take to the decks and spin out some sunshine-friendly tunes while you sip on sangria or whatever your daytime drink of choice is. And don’t even lie, day drinking is the BEST. Especially if it’s outdoors and the weather is crisp and fresh but still sunny, which is like all of 9 days out of the year for Egypt, and you’re by the Nile and then you get really drunk and fall into the Nile… No scratch that last bit. The rest is still applicable. Beats. Booze. Boat.

You can check out their Facebook page here