Friday April 12th, 2024
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Edu Imbernon Spinning At The Temple's Club Series

Edu Imbernon is back! This time, he'll be hitting up The Temple, and he’s not alone - local hero Misty will be warming up and we can’t wait.

Staff Writer

Edu Imbernon Spinning At The Temple's Club Series

How can it be that we are torn between so many choices this weekend? The amount of parties to go to is swelling every day and yet our pockets seem to be getting thinner... Here’s one night you can't go wrong with: Edu Imbernon will be taking over The Temple this Thursday. He's one of those acts that cannot leave you unhappy; his live sets are masterpieces of some very seriously good Dance Music!

The Temple is one of those venues that can transform itself a million times and look fresh every time. If you are confused to whether it is a club or a place of worship you are not alone - we are too! What we can tell you is if you plan on praising the gods of music then The Temple is the place for you, and Edu Imbernon certainly is a god amongst musicians. 

Also on the bill is our city’s very own, homegrown prodigy, Misty. The man behind the mist had a thing or two to say about the night. “I'm really excited about this week's booking; Edu Imbernon is a great artist and he killed it the last couple of times he came to Egypt, and last summer he was one of the best artists to play Space Ibiza! Everyone should listen to his set from the Space closing party.”

Misty told us that he will be playing a warm up set that night, when we asked as to what we can expect from him, he told us, “I’ll be playing a nice melodic warm up set, but at the same I will be incorporating tracks that will get people moving.” 

We are at unprecedented levels of excitement, especially since we know the astonishing powers that Edu possesses. When we heard him for the second time - first was at Sandbox 2014 - at Blurr Fest last year, we were blown away! Since this is his first time to play Cairo, we are sure he will bring something different than what we heard the last couple of times, and we can’t wait!

For more info check out Temple's Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @thetemple