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Egypt's Policewomen

Probably the toughest job in history, female police officers are showing Cairo what they're made of, patrolling the Metro.

According to Ahram Online, policewomen have been dispatched on Cairo's Metro lines in order to secure the female-only carriages and protect passengers from harassment. From high-ranking officers (complete with lapel stars) to new recruits, the feisty females are certainly turning heads but that hasn't distracted them from their mission. One passenger reported seeing a policewoman ordering a male who was riding in the female-only carriage to leave, as well as fining him for breaking the rules. Clearly a massive step forward for Egypt, many passengers have applauded the initiative, stating that they feel more comfortable talking to a female officer about sensitive issues such as sexual harassment. However, some are skeptical - “This is only a show by the Interior Ministry. They will disappear in no time,” said Om Mido.