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Egypt's Private Ryan?

A 1800 year old letter from an Egyptian soldier has been unearthed and translated...

We all know That Guy. He's tried to add you on Facebook, you've ignored the request and now he just won't take the hint as he bombards you messages asking why. Unfortunately the 'creep' isn't a new concept. He's existed for 2000 years ago according to scientists. The news comes after archaeologists uncovered a 1,800 year-old letter sent by an Egyptian soldier to his family...who've probably moved.

The letter, decoded by the University of California said: “I pray that you are in good health night and day, and I always make obeisance before all the gods on your behalf. I do not cease writing to you, but you do not have me in mind. But I do my part writing to you always and do not cease bearing you (in mind) and having you in my heart. But you never wrote to me concerning your health, how you are doing. I am worried about you because although you received letters from me often, you never wrote back to me so that I may know how you (are). I sent six letters to you. The moment you have me in mind, I shall obtain leave from the consular [commander], and I shall come to you so that you may know that I am your brother. For I demanded nothing from you for the army, but I fault you because although I write to you, none of you (?) … has consideration. Look, your (?) neighbor … I am your brother.”

The letter was originally found by an expedition team in the ancient Egyptian city of Tebtunis in 1899. Experts believe the soldier stationed in the province of Pannonia Inferior at Aquincum, now Budapest, but may have travelled as far as Byzantium, now modern day Istanbul. Here at Cairo Scene we can't help but feel he should've just taken the hint and let it go and we're wondering if the outcome was an Ancient Egyptian version of Eminem's Stan?