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Egypt Among Most Stressful Countries To Live In

To no one's surprise, Egypt ranks pretty high up on the most stressful countries in the world to live in...

Amidst the news that Egypt is the #2 budget travel address in the world comes the revelation that it is also one of the most stressful places to live in the world. Finally a piece of news that shouldn’t surprise anyone in this country, right? Bloomberg has now made it official: we might not live in Nigeria, the most stressful country in the world, but spot #15 is all ours. Yay!

The map impressively shows that leaving Western Europe, North America or Australia is not for the fainted-hearted. Nigeria and South Africa, on the other hand, seem to be the places to avoid on your next spa getaway. Norway and Luxembourg, the A* students of Europe, however, are balm for the soul.

But how do you measure how stressful a country is? Bloomberg has the answer and it goes a little something like murder rates, purchasing power parity, low income, inequality, corruption, unemployment, air pollution and early deaths (“life expectancy”). We can see how those could stress one out. As a result of these nerve-wracking factors, Egypt made the top 20 thanks to its low per capita income, a steep unemployment of 13.6% and a pretty bad corruption score.

To check out the full ranking, click here