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Egypt Bans the Use of Loudspeakers by Mosques during Taraweeh Prayers

The government's decision to ban the use of loudspeakers during Muslim nightly prayers, Taraweeh, has garnered mixed reactions from parliament members.

The use of loudspeakers will be banned during Taraweeh prayers, the Minister of Endowments Mohamed Gomaa announced, according to Egyptian Streets.  

The prayers, usually held every night during the month of Ramadan, are associated with the preachers' voices coming from each mosque, an occurrence minister Gomaa has mentioned is distracting to worshippers, specifically due to the sheer number of mosques located in Cairo and their close proximity to one another.

The decision has garnered negative reactions from other official. Member of parliament (MP) Ameen Massoud pointed out that loudspeakers are commonly used in mosques all around the world and that the ban would offend Muslims, a sentiment echoed by MP Gamal Abbas. However, MP Abdel Moneim Al-Eleimy was in support of the decision, pointing out that the use of loudspeakers is not a ritual and can be a serious cause of noise pollution.

Minister Gomaa mentioned that the Ministry will not step back from its decision as it complies with Islamic Sharia and its teachings. The decision will be effective starting this coming Ramadan.