Friday December 1st, 2023
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Egypt Breaks Guinness World Record for Biggest Coffee Cup Mosaic

Another record for the books!

Staff Writer

Egypt broke the Guinness World Record for the largest mosaic made of coffee cups on December 28th. The 7,260-paper-cup mosaic of ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun's mask was arranged and celebrated at the yard of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) near the Pyramids of Giza.

Officials started setting up the paper cups at 1 AM on Saturday, sources reported, and people joined in taking almost twelve hours to help create the 10x6 metre completed work. The shades of colour to draw out the mask was controlled by how much milk was added to each cup of coffee.

"On behalf of Guinness World Records, I am happy to be here to register a new world record for the largest coffee-cup mosaic at the GEM, a great cultural edifice that is expected next year to be jammed with tourists who would love to explore Egypt's history and civilisation," regional director of GWR for the MENA region Talal Omar said at the event.

The museum is expected to open in the latter half of 2020, exhibiting never-before-seen items found in King Tut's tomb.

Did you know that this world record was previously held by a similar coffee-cup mosaic of the iconic American singer and actor Elvis Presley's face in the United States? It was made out of 5,642 cups of coffee and held a total area of 37.24 sq m, when King Tut's is 60 sq m.

Another record for the books! Which Guinness record do you think Egypt should attempt to break next? Let us know in the comments below.

📸: Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa