Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Egypt to Broadcast 22 World Cup Matches on National TV

FIFA is yet to grant us such broadcasting rights, but we're doing it anyways.

Staff Writer

The decision has finally been made. After anticipating the outcomes between the Ministry of Sports and FIFA regarding the broadcasting of World Cup matches, it has finally been decided that 22 of the 64 World Cup games will be aired on National TV—including the national team's.

The talks started in March of 2018, and although the Ministry of Sports had said that the decision would be made within days, promising at least 24 channels, we still can’t complain. No longer are the days where you have to stream the game on your laptop and settle for a pixelated stream (or camping out at your nearest beIN-certified ahwa).

The National Media Authority in Egypt said that the decision was based on the Egyptian people's eagerness to watch the matches, especially those of our Pharaohs. Hussein Zein - Head of National Media Authority - spoke to FIFA on June 6 with regards to broadcasting 28 matches, however, they're yet to respond. Instead, he received a comment from the consumer protection body notifying that Egyptian television has the rights to air the World Cup games for free.

Egypt’s first match will be on June 15, playing against Uruguay; the second match will be on June 19 against Russia; the third against Saudi Arabia on June 25.

Main image taken from globalsoccerglobalnyc.com