Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Egypt Builds Massive Oil Tanker with 3,500 Tonne Capacity

Could this be a vehicle to facilitate new export opportunities?

Staff Writer

Anyone want to christen this beast? Egypt’s Port Said Marine Arsenal (PSMA) has completed the construction of a behemoth of an oil tanker, one that its calling its biggest ever, according to an official statement.

Measuring in at a length of 85 metres and a width of 16 metres, the 100% Egyptian-made vessel can hold a capacity of 3,500 tonnes, according t PSMA chairman, Eng. Mohamed Al-Katbi, who was also keen to add that the design and construction process were all held inside the arsenal and have received international certifications.

What's the significance of this? Though the majority of oil has, historically, stayed within Egypt's domestic market, this massive new oil ranker suggest that Egypt might be ready to increase its exports. 

Additionally, a new branch of PSMA will be inaugurated in an African country that is yet to be announced, according to the statement. Established in 2004, PSMA was the first institution of its kind in Port Said and notably contributed several cruisers for the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal.

Main image courtesy of Egypt Independent