Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Egypt Buys The Economist Cover

We can only speculate how much of the Suez Canal budget was spent on buying the front cover of the global magazine...

Staff Writer

We just keep on giving, that’s who we are. As Egyptians, our generosity is renowned all over the world. We’re hospitable, we’re kind, we’re the mother of the world. And what do mothers do? They give endlessly... Love, advice, care, food, hugs, a statue of Ramses, an Egyptian flag, and a picture of El Sisi, of course. Oh, mother when did you get so senile?

“But why stop with Egyptians?” thought some PR douche in office, “why don’t we flood the world?” So with that thought ok’d and put into action, we turned to The Economist. And by looking at the cover you might feel a false sense of pride for a minute or two... Until you read the fine print which reads something along the lines of we don’t endorse this horse shit, but they made us do it, so we put it on a few copies for a few million dollars.