Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Egyptian Exhibition 'Modernist Indignation' to Be Featured in London Design Biennale

The exhibition pays homage to the first architectural design magazine in Arabic and its founder Sayed Karim.

Staff Writer

Modernist Indignation is the first Egyptian exhibition to be featured in the London Design Biennale, and it revolves around the vision of Al Emara which is the first Arabic-language design magazine centered around contemporary architecture in Egypt.

The London Design Biennale will be held from September the 4th to the 23rd at the Somerset House.

Modernist Indignation honours architect and founder of Al Emara, Sayed Karim, as well as the magazine's history. The Biennale wrote that “The Egyptian installation will mourn the loss of the country’s modernist architecture, a rich heritage that has been left to ruin or violently erased, and asks the question: how can a design language that was once embraced by a society be so easily forgotten and denied a place in history?”Exhibition designer, Suzanna Gaballa, added that the exhibition also “reflects on the impermanence of architecture and subsequent historical loss to society,”

The 2018 London Design Biennale focuses on the topic of Emotional States. Diving into all aspects concerning sustainability, pollution, energy, cities and social equality, The Biennale will be giving its guests a range of activities which will be innovative, interactive, challenging and engaging to the audience.   

The Biennale is expecting international and local designers and innovators to join them in a celebration of design and its pivotal role in our collective futures. The Biennale will be welcoming participants from Argentina, Australia, Germany, Guatemala, Somalia, Qatar, Palestine, the UAE and more. 

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