Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Egypt to Export 4000 Cats and Dogs for the First Time

Should we be worried?

Staff Writer

Egypt to Export 4000 Cats and Dogs for the First Time

A high-level source inside the Ministry of Agriculture revealed that The General Organization for Veterinary Services has approved of the export of 4,100 dogs and cats, reports Al Masry El Youm.

The sources detailed that the shipment includes 2,400 cats and 1,700 dogs of different breeds, and they have been undergoing medical tests and vaccination throughout October and September.

Hamed Abdeldayem, the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture phoned in on talk show Ra2y 3am (Public Opinion) on Wednesday, disclaiming that there are no international laws or treaties against the export of cats and dogs, adding that this is the first time Egypt would do that.

Abdeldayem also communicated that exporters often do not specify the countries they are exporting to, and this is indeed the case for this shipment whose destination is as of yet obscure.

It is noted that in early October, Member of Parliament Margaret Azaar had proposed that Egypt should solve its stray dog problem by exporting the animals to countries that consume them for food. "After being properly nurtured, a dog could be exported for like 5 pounds each." Azaar had argued that they would be “as valuable as sheep here.”

No further has been revealed by the spokesperson.