Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Egypt 'Missing' Train Found 8 Years Later

Just in time for Halloween comes a story we couldn't make up...

Staff Writer

In the hustle and bustle and constant chaos that is Cairo it's very easy to become a bit negligent... We may forget out keys at home, our cars may be stolen from Left Bank, or our public trains might vanish... wait, what?

Okay, to be fair, it's not as bad as when we lost a whole space satellite, but according to Al Masry Youm, Egyptian rail authorities have spotted a train (not the one pictured) eight years after it disappeared in the country’s Western Desert.

The train was last seen in 2006 whilst on route to the North-Western province of New Valley from Dakhla and was rumored to be held up in the middle of nowhere after thieves stole 150 KM of train track, without anyone noticing... and no one had heard from the train's driver since.

The rail authorities have also announced that they plan on renovating their new found choo-choo toy for anything up to $2 million and are hoping to get it up and running once again by next year.