Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Egypt Has Been Ranked Third Best for Education Within the Arab World

Egypt has been ranked as third best in education quality in the Arab world and jumped nine spots in the worldwide ranking.

Staff Writer

Egypt’s annual ranking in quality of education has taken an upwards turn and is now ranked the third best in the Arab world. Not only that, but on the ‘US News’ global ranking for the top 80 countries for education, Egypt climbed up nine spots from 51st place in 2019 to 42nd place in 2020.

The positive change is due to the increasing number of Egyptian universities, with at least one university in every governorate and ongoing support for scientific research - or at least that's how Minister of Education Abdel Ghaffar interpreted it.

As it stands, Cairo University ranks 434th on the league table of universities worldwide, while Mansoura University ranks 663rd and Ain Shams ranks 667th.