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Egypt Makes Pornhub's List of Countries with Most Frequent Searches for 'Mom'

Pornhub's 2016 Year in Review revealed some of the site's most popular searches...

Pornhub has just released its 2016 Year in Review report, and we Egyptians need to have a serious talk. Scratch that, though - it would be best if we don't.

Egypt usually doesn't make it to the top of any global indexes, but on the porn front, there are some that we were able to catapult to the highest ranks of. One example of those, and certainly the most disturbing among the stats' revelations, is the 'mom' search popularity index. According to the infograph comparing on a global scale the frequency with which each country searched the porn site for the keyword 'mom' throughout 2016, Egypt ranks among the highest countries worldwide in search of 'motherly love.'

Aside from revealing the apparent Egyptian affinity towards mother - and lesbian-related - pornographic content, Pornhub stats also show that Egyptians score relatively high level on the tech savvy front, as Egypt has made it to the list of the top ten countries in which virtual reality (VR) porn is most popular.