Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Egypt Makes Ration Cards Available for Adopted Children

Adopted children can now receive ration cards, as part of Egypt’s human development plan.

Staff Writer

Minister of Supply Ali Moselhi has made the decision to provide adopted children with ration cards, under the condition that their adoptive family meets the requirements.

The procedure involves some paperwork – like most bureaucratic procedures do – and would require the family of the adopted child to provide evidence of the adoption contract, a birth certificate, the family’s social security number, and identification.

This decision, No. 25/2018, comes with the government’s recent move to increase subsidies for Egyptians, as well as their implementation of a human development strategy.

Egypt currently allocates EGP 3.5 billion on subsidies every month. According to Egypt Today, that number is set to increase soon, since many Egyptians are living in poverty and have no choice but to rely on food subsidies.

Main image from Al Arabiya.