Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Egypt Padel Tour Blazes a Trail Across the Nation Starting April 1st

The Egypt Padel Tour is launching a nationwide competition, starting at New Cairo's El Zohour Club on April 1st.

Cairo Scene

Faster, Stronger, Better... Smaller? That's basically how you'd sum up Padel, the sport that's almost like tennis, except it's almost always done in 2v2 matchups on a court that's 25% smaller than usual. It's quick. It's intense. And it's going to blaze a trail all through Egypt with the first edition of the Egypt Padel Tour.

Ever since its introduction in Kattameya Heights in 2014, Padel has always crept on the sidelines of national attention, occasionally popping its head here and there with the opening of new centres and courts in Sheikh Zayed in early 2021. The Egypt Padel Tour is hoping to lock in and formalize the craze with a nationwide competition, which will introduce the first ranking system for Egyptian Padel players. Their endgame? To give local, up-and-coming Padel players an environment to go pro, and make it big through their competitions.

The tour will hit its first serve in El Zohour Club at New Cairo with a EGP 150,000 prize, from April 1st to April 3rd. To catch up beyond that, you can visit their website at