Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Egypt Prepares to Dominate the Asphalt at the Red Bull Regional Drifting Finals Tomorrow

Egypt's Tanda drifting team is ready to tear up the asphalt as they head off to battle for driving supremacy at the Red Bull Car Park Drift regional finals in Oman tomorrow.

Staff Writer

You've seen them fly across the tracks leaving their skid marks to sketch out their beautiful black art on the pavement. And you have seen their green stripes glow as they soared past you with their tires screeching like asphalt sirens. That is why it comes as no surprise that for the second consecutive year, the Tanda Drift team are on their way to represent Egypt in the regional finals for Red Bull Car Park Drift RBCPD. This year our eyes veer towards Oman with Tanda's leading man himself, Maged AboSelim, putting on his gloves and helmet getting ready to shift into gear and bring back the trophy for both Egypt and his team. The race kicks off on Friday, December 9th and we are all revving up with excitement.
The Tanda Drifting team is the first to ever represent Egypt for 2 years in a row; with Ahmed Dessouky who ranked 8th last year in the Dubai RBCPD finals; due to a mechanical failure in his car. The Tanda team members: Abdo Feras, Ahmed Salem, and Ahmed Dessouky are placing all their bets on their leading man AboSelim to be victorious and bring back bragging rights to Egypt. Although, due to an issue arising from a technical automotive shipping law, Maged AboSelim will be unable to race his own car at the Oman RBCPD final, but will still be a threat as he has managed to acquire a powerful BMW E46 with a 1JZ engine that was totally modified and pimped out in Jordan.