Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Egypt Ships Hepatitis Infected Strawberries to America?

Sources are reporting that fruit that caused numerous infections in the States has been traced back to Egypt.

Staff Writer

Egypt Ships Hepatitis Infected Strawberries to America?
After ten cases of Hepatitis A were confirmed in Virginia, authorities have traced the source to a smoothie franchise and the fruit it sourced from Egypt. 
According to local news outlets, Tropical Smoothie cafe is removing all Egyptian sourced strawberries from their shelves after recommendations from the Department of Health. Smoothie drinkers who visited the chain’s Virginia locations between August 5-8 and consumed strawberries are told that they are at risk and should be vaccinated against the disease. 
So far, the smoothie chain is the only business that has been implicated, though the Health Department is continuing to investigate other locations. 
Egypt has some of the highest rates of Hepatitis in the world with approximately 15 million Egyptians suffering from Hepatitis C alone.