Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Egypt's Sofitels Nominated for Two World Luxury Spa Awards

The only two nominees in Egypt, Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah and Sofitel Legend Old Cataract in Aswan are shortlisted for the prestigious prize. Find out how to vote here.

Staff Writer

Egypt's Sofitels Nominated for Two World Luxury Spa Awards

Ahhh spas. Where you go to be pampered like the royalty you’re convinced you are but no one seems to agree except the masseuse. Who gets paid to let you pretend like you’re special. Except you don’t even care. Indoor pools and endless massages that help you leave the place not wanting to assassinate half of the population. Facials and steams and the sauna and Jacuzzis and cucumber water…OH IT’S ALL SO AMAZING. Even more so when you know you’re in seriously good hands at some fantabulous five star hotel like the Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah or the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract in Aswan.  

If you’ve ever been to either, you know what a transformative – and downright beautiful – experience being in either hotel’s spas is. Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah’s So Spa, all clean lines and a modern aesthetic, boasts a beautiful serene indoor pool, with a giant oversized glass window that overlooks the rest of the pool which spills right onto the outside and the incredible Nile view. So Spa in Aswan is, well, let’s just say Cleopatra would be happy to take up residence there.

That’s probably why the spas of both luxurious homes away from home are up for the World Luxury Spa Awards this year. The prestigious award celebrates the best and most beautiful spas around the world and isn’t it lovely when something Egyptian ends up on a good list? Go vote now, here. We need more tourism.

You can check out Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah’s Facebook page here and Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan's page here