Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Egypt's Parliament Requests Briefing on Stray Dogs' Situation From Prime Minister

Stray dogs' population in Egypt skyrocketed to 15 million.

Staff Writer

Tadros Qaldas, a member of the House of Representatives, requested a briefing from the Prime Minister in regards to the continuing growth in the number of stray dogs in Egypt, according to Egypt Independent, many of which are at risk of transmitting rabies.

Qaldas stated that there are an estimated 15 million stray dogs in Egypt and that they pose a significant risk to the lives of citizens, as reported by Egypt Independent, and that the government must take action to remove said dogs from the street. Qaldas went on to explain that garbage littering the streets of Cairo was also contributing to the amount of street dogs. Qaldas further gone on record stating that many citizens exposed to rabies go from hospital to hospital searching for the vaccine, which is unavailable in many hospitals, causing many to "grow sicker from negligence", according to Egypt Independent.

In the past there have been several attempts to lower the amount of stray dogs with rewards being offered in 2017 to citizens catching stray dogs and delivering them to the Egyptian Veterinary Authority. The Governor of the Red Sea Province, Ahmed Abdullah, called on the youth to round up strays once again for a reward.

“If any young person in our governorate manages to capture five stray dogs from the streets, then there will be a financial reward of LE 100” he stated according to Al-Ahram. The governor went on to defend this practice, stating that the dogs would be spayed and neutered and it would be benefit their well-being.