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Egypt Teams Up with Five African Nation on Climate Tracking Satellite

The Egyptian Space Agency picked Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda due to their recent advancements in space research.

The Egyptian Space Agency is teaming up with five African states to launch a satellite that will allow them to keep track of climate change, and narrow down points of impact. Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda were all chosen due to their recent advancements in the field, such as Ghana’s advanced satellite dish research programme and the 2017 launch of the GhanaSat-1, as well as Sudan's launch of a remote sensing satellite in 2019.

First mooted in 2019, work on the African Development Satellite is currently underway, with timetables and funding being organised between the six nations.

News of this pan-African project follows an announcement earlier this June that Egypt is going forward with plans to host the headquarters of the African Space Agency, where the Egyptian Space Agency will overlook and support space research across the continent.