Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Egypt Wants to Arrest Amal Clooney

The most talked about lawyer in the world has revealed that Egyptian authorities have threatened to arrest her.

Staff Writer

Amal Clooney has a lot of features that makes her a dream woman. After all, she got the world's most desired bachelor, George Clooney, to put a ring on it. She is beautiful, intelligent, successful and fights for human rights in this cruel world. The world loves her except... the Egyptian government! They want to arrest her.

What did Amal Clooney do to deserve Egyptian authorities threatening legal action against the human rights lawyer? It turns out, Clooney did her job while representing one of the three arrested Al Jazeera journalists in Cairo. During her visit to Cairo for a appeal hearing for her client, she pointed out that the arrest is a direct consequence of the flawed judiciary system in Egypt she addressed in a report in February 2014. Evidently, this report did not impress the Egyptian authorities.

According to Amal Clooney, she was directly threatened with legal action if she was to present her findings in court despite the fact she wrote the report before having become involved in the Al Jazeera case. Clooney claims she was asked if the report directly criticises the police, the judiciary or the government. Upon telling them it does, the authorities told her: "Well then, you’re risking arrest."

Clooney's report assessed that the Egyptian judiciary's balance of power is in fact unbalanced, and many ministers exert too much power over the rest of the independent judges. Furthermore, Clooney believed that the power to handpick certain judges should be revised. These assumptions are apparently enough for an internationally renowned human rights lawyer to anger the Egyptian government.

By now, Clooney has left Cairo, avoiding arrest... this time!