Monday May 29th, 2023
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Egypt: the Hub Of Genetics?

A recent break-through study suggests that a majority of Europeans and Asians all have Egyptian genetics.

Staff Writer

We all know Egyptians are one of the oldest (and best) civilisations of all time and of course have played one hell of a role in human history. Well a new study might just prove that a majority of people in Asia and Europe all come from Egyptian genetics.

It has been thought that one of the first migrations to what modern day Europe and Asia are was made by Ethiopians but this study suggests it was actually made by Egyptians.  After studying the genomes of 225 people from Ethiopia and Egypt, it seems that a majority of European and Asians genetic structures closely resemble that of an Egyptian.

It was thought that the people who migrated to modern day Europe and Asia took a route from Ethiopia across the Bab el Mandeb strait to the Arabian Peninsula. But this study shows that a route through Egypt, through the Sinai Peninsula was the most likely way.

This study basically tells us that Egypt was probably the gateway to which a majority of homo sapiens made their way to the rest of Africa and around the globe.