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Egypt in Top 20 For International Students

UNESCO's International Student Flow charts places Egypt as the 19th most popular country in the world for international students.

UNESCO's International Student Flow charts explores the different destinations of migrating students all over the world, shedding light on the shifting demand for higher education, particularly in the developing world. Interestingly enough, Egypt has ranked 19th in the recently released statistics as a popular country for students looking to travel abroad.

The stats revealed that Egypt hosts 49,011 students, while the UAE, which ranks 17th on the list, hosts 54,162 students. There is still no data yet to confirm whether they are, or are not spies.

Meanwhile, going the other way, it seems UAE and Saudi Arabia are the top school destinations for Egyptians privileged to travel abroad, whilst the USA comes third, with 2,132 Egyptian students registered there. As for Europe, France tops the UK as the Egyptian choice ranking 4th and 5th respectively. You can all come back now though, Ramadan is over.