Thursday 2 of February, 2023
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Egypt jumps up four places to rank 24th in Climate Change Performance Index

Egyptian climate policy has been outperforming the international policy expectations.

Staff Writer

Egypt is now ranked 24th in climate policy, jumping four up spots since last year from 28th among a list of 56 countries worldwide, according to the Climate Change Performance Index of 2019. The scorecard also revealed that Egypt's national climate policy is faring better than the recommended international climate policy by a total of 4%.

The Climate Change Performance Index isn't the only study that highlights Egypt's advancement in tackling climate change. Egypt also climbed 58 points - from 10 points to 68 points - in the last seven years according to the World Bank's Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy, and has secured a spot as one of the top 36 countries in the world for renewable energy.

Egypt has also been able to regulate the quality of its renewable energy sources successfully; the country is ranked 32nd worldwide in regulation and third in the MENA region according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2019.

Some of the credit behind this drastic improvement goes to the large-scale environmental projects recently launched in the country, which were overseen by the World Bank Group. A total of eight projects were launched, including the Benban Solar Park project, the Jebel Al Zeit wind power plant, the Assiut Barrage hydropower plant, as well as three solar power stations in Siwa, New Valley and the Red Sea governorate.

These projects have resulted in the creation of a total of 6,000 new direct and indirect jobs with a target of 5800 MWh of energy by 2020.

In total, Egypt has seen a 76% increase in renewable energy production since 2014. It plans to ensure that at least 20% of total energy is from new and renewable resources in 2022, and 42% by 2035.

Photo credits go to Climate State.