Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Egypt's 2 Million Tuk-tuks Might Soon Be Licensed

Abdul Fattah Mohammed proposes to license tuk-tuk drivers under strict regulations.

Staff Writer

Abdul Fattah Mohammed, a member of the Egyptian parliament plans to present a draft bill to legalise tuk-tuks nationwide.

At the moment, most tuk-tuks are unlicensed, with traffic authorities refusing to license them as they claim they don’t comply with safety standards. 

“Legalising the tuk-tuk should happen as soon as possible in order to protect people and curb traffic chaos”, he said.

The draft states that anyone driving a three-wheeler should be aged above 18, and that designated service routes should be defined for tuk-tuk operators who are properly trained before getting a driving license.

Today, nearly 2 million tuk tuks are out and about in Egypt, providing jobs for hundreds of thousands of Egyptians. They were first introduced to Egypt in the early 2000s from Asian countries, and their low fares and small-size mobility have boosted their popularity since then.

Main image from elfasla.com