Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Egypt's 10 Most Surreal Viral Videos of 2018

Another year, another list of hilarious Made-in-Egypt videos. Watch at your own risk.

Staff Writer

Egypt is a place of many mysteries; the least of which is how the Pyramids were built. The wonders of Egypt go far beyond its jaw-dropping history, for the internet has enabled us to continue to make history everyday just by overtly being ourselves. From asserting that Earth is 'scientifically-proven' to be flat, to a woman casually giving a monkey a hand-job, to the biggest music hit on the internet this year, here are Egypt's 10 most surreal viral videos in 2018.


Nothing beats a refreshing reminder that the block option exists. Your ex is being a dick and actually moving on? BLOCK. Your BFF cancelled lunch last minute? BLOCK. Your Mum wants to know where you're at? You know the drill. We all know the drill. But when Radwa El-Sherbini decided to remind us that we could actually utilise such a revolutionary option, she spared no efforts in getting her message across, and we're totally here for it. And the internet, subsequently, spared no efforts in make us LOL about it for weeks.

Not Courses

It's more of a cultural phenomena than it is a viral video. In no time, this English-language wizard has gone from nobody to Internet-sensation with a stream of videos that are supposedly English-language tutorials - but they are so much more. In this recent video, the linguistic master sends an open letter to his haters, the ones who dare point out his questionable pronunciation. But he takes it all in with an open heart, and we're rewarded by this gem of a video that will definitely teach you how it's like being thick-skinned to a fault. Ksanksbye.

Earth is Actually Flat

No, this is not the 17th century, it's 21st century Egypt. An Egyptian 'scientist' made an TV appearance to resurrect the debate on whether the earth is flat or round to an end. She was able to prove, with scientific evidence, that the earth is actually flat. How did she manage to do that? Simple. If the earth was in-fact round, you wouldn't able to see the horizon as it will have to skew downwards. Science, bitch. 

Why Incest Happens

Ever wondered how could someone fancy having sex with their siblings or parents? Well, wonder no friggin' more, because we finally have an answer; they're simply not related. True story. If a father ever feels sexually attracted to his daughter, then she must not be she must not be his daughter; time to check what Mama's been up to in 1989. That's what's up, plain and simple. Not a bad time to consider concentration camps to be honest.

Wiping Energy

Did you suddenly feel depressed in your Uber this morning when you remembered you have to work on New Year's Eve? That's not you, it's all that negative energy left over from the passenger before you. According to one brilliant energy expert, you don't just sit somewhere without wiping off the energy of the person before you first - what a rookie mistake. According to Dr. Mayada Mahmoud, simply wiping anything before using is enough to ensure you won't get any leftover energy. Thank you, Egypt.

Enty Ay Kalam

Yes, this song is about you. This song is about me. It's about everyone and everything. We're all ay kalam, and that's why this song by Tameem Younes took Egypt by storm this year. Mostly because it's merely telling a very simple fact that we all tend to forget in the midst of hectic office days that make us feel somewhat busy and important; E7NA AY KALAM.

Drew Barrymore's Fake EgyptAir Interview

This was arguably more embarrassing than it was funny. Actually no, it's hilarious. A journalist working for EgyptAir's inflight magazine Horus let her imagination roam a little too freely in an issue that featured completely made-up interview with Hollywood A-lister Drew Barrymore. In her own defense, this taught everyone a very valuable lesson on resilience and when a great opportunity never comes on its own; fake the hell out of it.

Painted Zebra

One thing that will never run short in Egypt is resourcefulness. We've turned balconies into storage spaces, rooftops into duplexes, and, when one famous Nasr City park sought to attract more visitors, they turned donkeys into zebras. Because, well, why the hell not?

Harassing Monkeys

You might think that sexual harassment is only faced by women, and you would be wrong. Just last month, one bizarre Egyptian was caught on film touching a monkey in ways a monkey should never been touched. It got us wondering, was he asking for it? What was he wearing? Why was he out of the cage all by himself? So many questions. Luckily, the lady in question has just been sentenced to 3 years in prison. Now all monkeys across  the land can sleep safe and sound.