Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Egypt’s Creatives and the Radical Contemporary Group Launch Campaign to Fight COVID-19

Creative group Radical Contemporary, alongside singer Malak El Husseiny and stylist Yasmine Kenawi, have set up a donation page with Misr El Kheir.

Staff Writer

Singer Malak El Husseiny and stylist Yasmine Kenawi have teamed up with creative platform Radical to launch an all-new initiative enabling the creative community to aid Egypt’s less fortunate during the fight against the ongoing pandemic. Rather than funnelling donations towards medical institutions, this initiative looks to support underprivileged families in their livelihoods and in avoiding the contagion.

Through Misr El Kheir, the team was able to create tangible guidelines for the sort of impact they wanted to make and set up a donation page. With an overall goal of EGP 25,000, they hope to provide 30 families with essential food and hygiene products. “We saw that people were hoarding products, and that makes it more difficult for a lot of people to access supplies they need," Nour Hassan, the founder of Radical told CairoScene. "So this is why we decided to give back to these families as opposed to buying hospitals more medical supplies.”

“We were inspired by Vogue’s initiative ‘Common Thread.’ They involved everyone lower down in the fashion production line, like pattern makers and other professionals, to do testimonials calling for Coronavirus relief aid," Hassan added. "We decided to get together and reach out to Misr El Kheir to create a donation page."

So far, the group has already managed to gather over half of their total donation goal in just two days, and may consider increasing it if they reach their goal quickly. “We’re trying to target the creative community and say let’s be creative in a different way— let’s create hope.”

To donate, visit https://misrelkheir.org/en/cause/radical-community/  ~ 🖊 Farah Ibrahim