Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Egypt's Desert Has a $5.6 Million Chinese Amusement Theme Park

Apparently, this is to "inject a happy force in Egypt." Well, that's much needed...

Staff Writer

Sindbad, Wonderland, Magic Land, and Dream Park were incredible – we spent endless hours there, and it started with giant mascots greeting (read: scaring) us at the gates, and it ended with smudgy face paint due to our tears when we had to leave. It was awesome, and we'd do it all over again. But, aren't we a bit old to be seen there? Well, first of all, no we're not. And second of all, there is a new amusement park right on the North-West Gulf of the Suez Economic Zone called TEDA Fun Valley. Apparently, it's a "mashup" of China's pop culture themes, like Hello Kitty, along with more Westernised features such as Jurassic Park, and of course other things kids (and adults alike) love.

The theme park is quartered under different themes; the first we should tell you about is Dinosaur Park, because it's the first of its kind in all of Egypt. This is for the tiny Ross Gellers who get excited at the mere thought of prehistoric creatures. The second is Water World, which we're assuming will be thronged with moms, dads, and kids come summer season. Now, our favourite is Candy World, because, well, you can imagine why. Automative World is the fourth plot, where you'll find Go Karts, classic bumper cars, and laser cars. Plus they have one ride that takes you around the five continents. So wicked, we know.

The project is reported to have cost about USD 5.6 million, paid by China. According to Wired, it was built with the purpose of entertaining kids and families of those working in the Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, and so Fun Valley emerged from the wide deserts in April 2015. But it's not only those living on the desert road who enjoy it, because tourists from all over the world are visiting and enjoying it too. Now we know what we're doing every time adulthood creeps up on us and our kids are too invested in their tablets, we'll go to Fun Valley and catch a flick on their 5-D cinema! Check out how dreamy this place is:

Images via Wired belong to Klaus Thymann.